Tell Me You're Cool Without Telling Me You're Cool

SS 2023

I have a home now! With sewing machines and hangars and steamers and credit card facilites!! Will I let you in though? Now that I’m this cool, are you cool enough? Is this even real? Somone needs to switch off the smoke machine.


Venus And The Solitary Cloud

AW 2022

This collection is a love story. Venus is the woman by whom Cloud is besotted. They meet on a beach at the end of the world. Venus is a catholic icon subverted. She is beauty and it’s lack thereof. She is creation and destruction. Sacred and profane. Cloud sees her as a reflection of himself - he is also chaos and harmony. She is Clouds mother, but also all the men and women he has loved. And all the nameless he has yet to love.


Crying Rainbows in The Sky

SS 2022

Man those shrooms are divineeee. Ahem. Let’s rock baby, let’s be supermodels! In bouclé chiffon and satin, HI tech and low tech and everything in between,


You And I Are From a Different Planet

AW 2021

Wouldn’t it be cool to be an octopus? With 8 limbs? Imagine what I could do on a skateboard with those. Do you know they can re grow arms? Imagine if it grew a pair of trousers? Or a jacket? Out of the side of it’s body? Wouldn’t that be groovy


I Lie Everytime I Have too

SS 2021

I lay in bed dreaming of peonies roses and macarons, running through fields covered in the creamiest PINK (vegan) leather. All printed over in 3D flowers. With important hats. Marie Antoinette could never.


Incantation for Inanimate Objects

AW 2020

(wo)Man x Machine 2.0…Digital print x manual screen printing, seen through a prism, but with cowboys, naturally :)


I Hate People But I Love You

SS 2020

What splits man from nature from machine? What joins them? What is a man? A woman? A robot? The future is bright, the future is female, the future is a cyborg (in heels).


Everything That Distracts The Brain

AW 2019

A sidewalk in any concrete conglomeration. A mashup of street photography, power suits, skateboards and deconstruction, vibing with my mates.